2015 weddings

I had such a busy 2015 that I didn’t get a chance to blog about each of my weddings, I kept up on my facebook after each event so everyone could share and have previews, but my website suffered, so rather than try to blog each one I thought I would just put up a […]

1 year olds

These sessions usually end with a cake smash. They are so fun!

Seniors 2015

This is a sampling of the awesome senior class from 2015.

Boudoir 2015

This is a small sample of the Boudoir that I have done this year, I value my clients privacy and this is the few that allowed me to share. 

2015 Families

This is a big gallery of all the wonderful families that came to see me this year, this is by far my biggest post and its what I tend to photograph the most. I love families big and small, the way they interact with each other and the love they have is alway wonderful to […]

Maternity Sessions 2015

There is nothing more fantastic than witnessing the beauty of a woman’s body expanding while growing a beautiful baby. Its one of the most amazing things and I love to document this moment in life.

2015 Babies

Oh how I adore babies!!!! I have so much fun when they come to the studio…whether brand new or a few months old they always capture my heart! Here are my 2015 babies.

Family Photographer • Rush City MN

I love when this family comes to see me! Terri just reminded me today that I have been doing their family photos for 5 years now! Holy cow! I cant believe that much time has passed. The kids are all getting grown up now, one is moving out of state, another is going to have […]

Greta • Harris MN Photographer

This amazing young lady decided that she wanted a photoshoot for her birthday! How lucky am I!!!! She was a perfect model, just amazingly perfect! I had so much fun with her, when I asked her what she wants to do when she grows up (because I told her she could model) she told me […]